Men don't give a damn when it comes to washing clothes. They don't even bother to read the tag. Well, it's not about whether you love washing clothes (actually, no one does), it's about washing in the right manner because your one mistake ruins the quality of your sweatshirt, especially in the case of sweatshirts for men.

Washing Sweatshirts For Men is No Rocket Science

We are aware that hoodies can be challenging to wash because they frequently include designs that deteriorate with time or lose their shape while washing. Not to mention how aggravating it is when the hood's string comes undone after washing.

To increase the lifespan of your men's sweatshirts or hoodies, guys you need to be a little bit careful. This blog will help you to save your sweatshirts from getting destroyed and your time. 

Tips to Keep Your Sweatshirts Alive

  1. No More Frequently Washing Men's Sweatshirts

Yes, you heard it right. You might not be aware but the more you wash, the more sweatshirts become prone to damage. Don't get surprised if your red hoodie starts turning losing its colour. Additionally, repeated washings can make materials pill, which is when the threads tangle and lose their shape and colour.

Washing your hoodie after you wear it five or six times is perfectly alright. In case you are worried about the smell, anti-odour fabric spray helps you to neutralize odours between washes.

  1. You Better Wash Them Inside Out

Want to keep your Spykar regular fit men's sweatshirts safe and sound? So, before throwing it into the washer, turn it inside out. This washing practice will prevent the colour from bleeding. Along it that, it will protect your outer layer as well from rubbing against other garments in the wash. 

Another important tip to follow, zip it up to prevent your men's sweatshirt from getting snagged on other items you have in the washing machine. If your sweatshirt comes with a drawstring, just like the Spykar Grey Cotton Sweatshirt for men, tie up the string.

  1. Separate Dark and Light Coloured Sweatshirts

Mixing your white coloured and navy blue coloured sweatshirts for men can lead to a disaster, which you won't like it. It's always good to wash the light and dark-coloured men's sweatshirts separately. 

  1. Wash Your Sweatshirts For Men in Cold Water

Clothing, especially those made of cotton, is less likely to shrink, fade, or otherwise be ruined by cold water. Additionally, the use of cold water helps minimize wrinkles, saving time and money on energy expenses involved with ironing. Washing hoodies, cardigans, or pullovers in cold water on a moderate cycle is your best chance.

If you are not running out of time, soak it for 20 minutes with a little detergent( make sure you have picked the right one) and cold water. Rinse in a small tub. However, if you are new to washing chores, it's better to read the label.

  1. Be Wise While Choosing a Detergent

We know most of you think, why do we have to buy a separate detergent just for sweatshirts? The reason behind that is choosing a harsh detergent can easily ruin the quality of your hoodie or sweatshirt. Whereas a mild detergent can enhance the lifespan and maintain the quality of your men's sweatshirts.

Delicate fabrics like silk, wool and cotton demand mild detergents. To safeguard the colour of your men's sweatshirt, look out for a colour-preserving detergent. Besides colour-preserving detergent, you can even use vinegar. Just add a little bit of vinegar with your gentle detergent and you are good to go. The use of vinegar will protect your darker-coloured sweatshirts for men and will even act as a natural fabric softener.

Since you guys are beginners, here is a bonus tip for you. 

Bonus Tip You Must Know

Using a garment bag will keep your men's sweatshirts safe and sound. Washing your men's sweatshirts in a garment bag will protect them from getting damaged in the washing machine. 

What is a Garment Bag?

A lightweight drawstring bag made from mesh is designed to let detergent pass through the netting. Hence, sweatshirts for men will say away from other items in the wash. 

Give these tips a try and thank us later! Besides that, do check out Sypker wide range of sweatshirts for men