Your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of cotton shirts for men. One of the biggest reasons to say yes to cotton shirts, without thinking twice is "LIGHTWEIGHT FACTOR". Apart from being lightweight, you get to experience a breeze. Cotton shirts for men are... come on man! To know more, you gotta scroll down. 

Types of cotton shirts for men your closet deserves!

  • Linen-Cotton Blend Shirts

Linen-cotton blend shirts for men are a perfect summer companion, thanks to features like breathability and skin-friendliness. The combination of linen and cotton creates a soft as well as comfortable fabric that is perfect for hot and humid weather. Moreover, these styles are available in various colours and patterns, making them versatile wardrobe pieces. 


  • Short-Sleeve Cotton Shirts

Another classic summer staple is your short-sleeve cotton shirts for men. Depending upon the occasion, you get to dress this casual shirt for men accordingly. Short-sleeve cotton shirts for men are available in styles like button-downs, polos, and t-shirts. Hence, there is a shirt for preference. 


  • Printed Cotton Shirts

Printed cotton casual shirts are fun as well as stylish options for the summer season. Furthermore, these cotton shirts are designed in different prints such as florals, stripes and abstract designs. Therefore, to add some colour and personality to your closet, get your hands on printed styles today!

  • White cotton shirt

You don't have a white cotton shirt?  gotta be kidding! White cotton shirt for men makes you look desirable without letting you compromise with your comfort zone. Since it's crafted from cotton hence there is no question of feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. 

How to take care of lightweight cotton shirts for men?

If you care for your cotton shirts,

  1. Learn to say NO to HOT WATER

You don't get the fact that washing cotton shirts or garments with hot water leads to damaging the shape, causing it to lose shape and texture of your cotton. 

The next step is,

  1. Check the care label:

Look at the care label on each garment to find specific washing instructions. The label will indicate the maximum temperature, recommended cycle and any special care requirements.

The third step is,

  1. Putting extra effort to keep them healthy

Instead of washing your favourite white cotton shirt with different coloured garments, wash them individually. We understand this sounds like a lot of work, but this will keep your whites safe.

Sort your laundry into three piles: light, dark, and white. Separately wash each one. Discolouration can occur when wearing black clothing with white and light-coloured clothing. 

And the last step, 

  1. Flat-dry your cotton shirt for men

Flat-dry your cotton clothes in a shaded area. Do not expose your cotton clothes to direct sunlight as it can cause the colours to fade and the fabric to shrink.

These tips will keep your cotton clothes from fading.

In conclusion,

Lightweight cotton shirts are a must-have for summer. From linen-cotton blends to printed cotton shirts, there are countless options to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless style or a trendy and modern design, there is a cotton shirt for every preference from Spykar. So go ahead, update your summer wardrobe with some stylish and comfortable cotton shirts, and enjoy the warm weather in style!